About Steel Oak

The founders of Steel Oak LLC are hardworking house flippers and devoted home décor creators. Modest, elegant, simple, and always functional, what is created at The Steel Oak Marketplace is a fusion of us and you. No two pieces are ever alike, giving you a one of a kind product. That’s because each one is handcrafted by carpenters in Ohio, not machines in China. The item is unused after it is built, however we use some natural materials so the final product will differ from pictures slightly. Keep your eyes open as new and completely unique pieces get added.

At the Marketplace, we want to create a more interactive experience so we welcome requests or specializations of our current products more suited to your needs. Prices reflect difficulty level and time to build. When you’re ready to customize and order your piece, all prices will be agreed upon before purchase and build.

You can contact us at steeloakcustoms@gmail.com to open up the dialogue for special requests for your product.