Bottle Openers

We're taking the Steel Oak bottle opener system to a new level of customization! For only $44.99 you can have any logo, phrase, or picture on the front of your catch basket. In addition, pick ANY state for the top part of the opener, and we'll create a negative space burn of that state's outline.

If you have any specific logo, phrase, word, or picture for the catch basket, we can put it on! Simply get in touch with us and send us whatever you want on the catch basket, along with your request for a state.

Places of gathering with friends and family are warm and inviting. They include conversation pieces and pieces about you and your distinct personality. So it only makes sense that your gathering place should include an esthetic, handmade, fully functional Steel Oak bottle opener system. These individually customized pieces of home décor are crafted from sturdy pine and copper coated aluminum. We use negative space burning techniques and create an ambient, tasteful, refined piece of décor for whichever room or occasion. No two pieces are ever alike, giving you a one of a kind product. That’s because each one is handcrafted by carpenters in Ohio, not machines in China.

The system includes a fully functional sliding compartment at the base of the basket. This slides to empty all of the bottle caps into your garbage or recycling bin. This means once you install your piece, you never have to take it down to empty the catch basket. Each piece has a protective glaze for easy cleanup and a sleek finish. The back of each opener system is cushioned with small pads to protect the wall it’s being mounted to.

Keep your eyes open as new ones get added to the Marketplace in addition to the four options available now. Each opener is made to order and shipped to you as soon as the glaze dries.

No assembly required except fastening it to the ideal spot in your gathering place. A hole in the lower part of the bottle opener piece remains open. When you install it, simply use that opening and screw to a stud or drywall plug. This will ensure that the entire piece is secure and will not loosen over time or move while you’re cracking a bottle open or emptying the basket. A wood screw and drywall plug is included in the purchase of a Steel Oak bottle opener system.

18 ½” L x 7 ¼” W x 5” Deep

Bottle Openers – Starting at $39.99 for Naked:
Burned - $42.99
Stained and glazed- $44.99
Further custom requests from what is in the photos will increase price.