Small (Dorm) Mirror

Modest, yet elegant, simple yet functional, let’s welcome another piece of ambient, tasteful, and refined home décor to the Steel Oak Marketplace. This piece is a humble beauty that can be used by men or women. It features a small mirror, shelf (of course), handmade hooks, additional hooks and a moveable, swiveling copper pipe to give an industrial effect. Perfect for a bedroom for getting ready or entryway for a quick peek before leaving the house. It’s also small enough to fit perfectly in a dorm room! Hang hats, jewelry, belts, leashes, or store cologne/perfume or your phone right on the shelf. It’s been made for you, so do with it what you want!

No two pieces are ever alike, giving you a one of a kind product. That's because each one is handcrafted by carpenters in Ohio, not machines in China. Available in a multitude of stains, and if you don't see a stain you want listed, contact us and we will get it done for you. Each of these holders is made to order and shipped to you as soon as the glaze dries. We also take requests for any paint color you like. Or if you prefer to keep it naked so you can paint it yourself to match your other décor or accents, we can do that and you’ll save $2.00 from the price.

The item is unused after it is built, however it is handmade and we use some natural materials so the final product will differ from pictures slightly.

18” L x 13 ½” W x 4” Deep

Small (Dorm) Mirror – Starting at $37.99 for Naked:
Stained and glaze - $39.99
Further custom requests from what is in the photos will increase price.
Pipe: Swivel or Stay in place
Wood or Copper